Want a Custom Wood Sign or RFID Locking Gun Box?

Reach out to us for custom woodworking services in Casper, WY

If you've been looking for a custom sign or custom cabinets for your home or business, look no further than PM Woodworks in Casper, WY. You can rely on our experienced artisan for a wide array of custom woodworking services. We provide superior workmanship that you'll be proud to show off to friends, family and customers. Along with the items in our online shop, you can also find our custom items at craft shows throughout Wyoming.

Clients choose our local artisan because he:

  • Supports veterans
  • Provides affordable prices
  • Runs a Christian-based company
  • Purchases all our products locally
  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee on every project


Call 307-262-3679 today for more information about our custom woodworking services.


You can find us at 307 Print, Ship & More

We have a variety of premade items available on our online shop and at different craft shows throughout the state of Wyoming. You can also find our custom signs and plaques at 307 Print, Ship & More. Whenever you're dropping off mail, renting a mailbox or printing off a banner, be sure to check out our beautiful custom items. See D'Arcy Quinn about our products.

What would you like us to build?

Our local craftsman designs and builds unique pieces of all kinds. You can turn to us for:

Custom signs

Custom cabinetry

Custom-built furniture

Custom charcuterie boards

A custom RFID locking gun box

Reach out to us now to have him get started on your custom order.